Shui Hau Wan, Hong Kong: A Beach HK Kitesurfers Can’t Live Without

Shui Hau Wan, or Shui Hau Beach, is a beach almost exclusively for the city’s kitesurfers to gather when east wind prevails every year from October to February.

The beach is fun sized: its widest measurement is shy of 1 kilometer.476977135

However, you’ll be amazed to see how many kites this small beach can fit. Because of its flat water condition as well as its beginner-friendly water depth (50 meter into the beach the water is still around your waist, sometimes knee depending on the tide), Shui Hau, on any typical windy weekends, attracts easily more than 50 kites on the water at the same time.




This place’s black sand rears very fertile clams. On any Sundays where the tide is low, dozens of clam-diggers gathers at the beach as well.


When wind drops (or when there’s no wind at all, as we are constantly trolled by forecast…), we get creative and set up BBQ props by the beach for some yummy treat.



Good for: East wind. Northeasterly is not ideal as wind gets very gusty when blocked by the mountain to north of the beach.

Transportation: Either take bus 11/23 from Tung Chung MTR or bus 1 from Mui Wo Pier, get off at Lower Wan Lung.


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