Buy the Best CORE Kites In HK: Epic Quality, Exclusive Offers And More

Megaloop Kiting is CORE Kiteboarding‘s official dealer in Hong Kong. For the latest/previous models of kites, bars, boards, accessories, please visit CORE’s website for product details and refer to the price table below, place an order with us through whatsapp at +852 68796212 or email at

No matter what you level is, let us know your motivation for getting/upgrading your next set of gear, and we will recommend the best combination for you.

Typical lead time: 4-8 weeks. Might be extended due to Covid. Your support for your local dealer is important. Each season we reinvest into putting more products on the shelves, to reduce backorders and increase processing speed, meaning you will get your order even sooner.

Watch XR7 in actions with CORE’s rider Janek Grzegorzewski. See more on his YouTube Channel.

Price Table

All prices include tax and shipping. No extra / hidden price.


All kites available in either Black or White

XR series: all-round/freeride/big airs [Best-Selling]

GTS series: freestyle

NEXUS series: sits in between XR and GTS, universal but gear towards wave specially, hence a good option for foil

XLITE series: specialized for foil, single strut with super light-weight and durable material. 30% lighter than the already light Nexus.


All bars have auto-untwist system, after looping the kite and unspinning the handles, the centre lines are automatically untwisted.

SENSOR 3+ is adjustable line length (18, 20, 22, 24m) on top of SENSOR 3 which is fixed at 24m standard length.

SENSOR 3 PRO uses light-weight carbon fiber titanium in the bar handle and Tectanium®lines that are 400% more resistant to elongation

SENSOR 3 PRO also has a specialied FOIL version and WAKE version with narrower width.


FUSION: Freeride+

CHOICE: Freestyle+

CARVED Imperator: Ultra High Performance Freeride. The “Lamborghini” of all twintips

  • Comes with fins and REVO handle that can change the board’s rocker in a quick turn. Flat = better upwind performance, Curved = handles chops better, great for turning, and softens landing

Pads and Straps

Demo Days in Hong Kong

We host demo days to show off the new products from CORE Kiteboarding here in Hong Kong. Pictures from our latest demo day are below. Follow our instagram @megaloopkiting and stay tuned for upcoming demo days!

See what’s new in this year’s product line-ups with CORE’s US Sales manager Michael Phaneuf in this 2021 AWSI Tradeshow – CORE Kiteboarding 2022 Preview:

In case you are debating between CORE’s top models XR and GTS, what this great review from pro-riders Mike and Janek:

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