Ishigaki, Okinawa, Japan: The Mauritius of Asia

I made this title up XD.. Mainly because I have yet to visit Mauritius (but planning in the summer of 2021!). But this small but beautiful island offers a serene kind of feeling, along with the untouched nature with Caribbean-like turquoise water, is definitely one of my top picks when it comes to kitesurfing in Asia (had to debate between Ishigaki and Vietnam’s Phan Rang…)

This is not, however, a place for kiters travelling solo. Unlike Dakhla, Phan Rang, Taiwan, etc. where kite schools and beach resorts are abundant, Ishigaki is still a relatively undeveloped island in terms of kitesurfing (but there were quite of few local windsurfers). There are no kite shops/schools or resorts dedicated to this sports per se. Beach is narrow which made it difficult to launch or land by yourself. So it’s best to rent a car, drive around the island and find the best spot according to the wind. Google map will be your best friend, literally.

That is exactly what my buddy Sammy and I did. We drove a rental car around the island and tried to find launch spots. Unfortunately most beaches are pretty wild and with no facilities.

But the water is sooooo clean!

The path to the beach spot is pretty narrow…

While this cow kept getting into our way, so we decided it would be our dinner..

Joking… But the beef in Ishigaki island is really popular for its tenderness.

On our second day the typhoon hits right on the island, so we just drove around and tried to find more spots.

Yes it was pretty windy… I reckon around 30 knots…

After 3 days on Ishigaki, we are feeling adventurous and hopped on this speed boat (which departs every hour or so) and went to

Some pics from the flight:

Spot location
Ishigaki: Kabira, Ishigaki, Okinawa 907-0453, Japan
Kohama Island: 758-1 Kohama, Taketomi, Yaeyama District, Okinawa 907-1221, Japan

Transportation: Rental car is essential..

Wind: season is Oct – Feb, in Oct you might not need a wetsuit while in Nov / winter months you might need a 3mm wetsuit.

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