What does Megaloop even mean?

Megaloop is the panacle of all kiteboarding tricks. It is the most extreme, risky, but immensely adrenaline-boosting maneuver. The kiter boosts super high up while steering the kite aggresively, resulting the kite levels his/her own figure or sometimes even beneth. While the kite ‘loops’ like this, it produces a huge horizontal yank and accelerating the kiter further downwind – easily over hundreds of meters.

Red Bull hosts an annual King of the Air Competition in Cape Town and a biannual Megaloop Challenge (a more extreme version of the former).

If you haven’t watched the 2022 Red Bull King of the Air – the 10th edition since the event returned in 2013, be sure to check it out here, it was arguably the most epic in the event’s history.

Participating athletes compete by performing extreme jumps of 20 metres and higher. The kiter crowned Red Bull King of the Air is the one who impresses the most in terms of height, power, extremeness, technique and innovation on the day of the event.

Watch the King of the Air 2021 recap/highlights (credit: Univers Kite’s Youtube Channel)

And the Megaloop Challenge 2019 highlights below (credit: SurferToday’s YouTube Channel)

About us – Megaloop Kiting

Megaloop Kiting operates Megaloop Kiteboarding School that offers beginner to advanced level kiteboarding courses (currently in Hong Kong). It also organizes kitesurfing trips and downwinders to some of the most amazing spots on earth.

It also strives to raise people’s awareness of marine life bio-diversity and ocean environmental protection.

From time to time we collaborate with local clubs for events/cometitions. In 2021 we are hosting a Big Air Hong Kong competitions with Hong Kong Kiteboarding Federation. Event details here.

We also work actively with brands and currently we are the official dealer for CORE Kiteboarding in Hong Kong. Visit our shop, link here.

About CORE Kiteboarding

Premium kites & boards made in Germany. Engineered with passion since 2001. Home of Cartan Carbon boards, ExoTex/CoreTex kites and glass surfboards.

About our Head Instructor – Michael

Michael is a Chinese living in Hong Kong. He is an internationally certified kiteboarding instructor. He was also coached by Ruben Lenten – the inventor of the trick ‘megaloop’, and Joshua Emanuel – winner of the 2017 Redbull Megaloop Challenge. He speaks fluent Chinese/English/Spanish and intermediate level French.

Since 2013, he has been actively travelling and kitesurfing to 66 countries (pre-Covid) across 5 continents.

Michael represented Hong Kong in the 2016 IKA Kitesurfing World Championships and ranked 35th among 105 competitors from 21 countries.

So far He has kiteboarded in 30+ spots in more than 20 countries including South Africa, Spain (Tarifa), BrazilCook IslandsMoroccoFrench Polynesia, Colombia, Sri LankaJapan and Vietnam, and hopefully more to come post-Covid. (Our to go list includes Australia, South Europe, The Caribbean, Mauritius, etc…)

Michael simply loves this sport and enjoys very much teaching students and seeing his students progress. He has taught in Morocco, Brasil, Colombia, and his home spot – Hong Kong. See the course details here and book a lesson with us!

He is also enthusiastic about cooking, and started his Superico personal chef experience in 2018. He spent a few months in Le Cordon Bleu to get a diploma in French Cuisine and Pastry. Black Forest cake (Pastel de la Selva Negra) and Paris-Brest are among his favorite pastries that he has baked.

Additionally, he can solve a rubik’s cube within 20 seconds, score 200+ in a bowling game, but no one will pay him for them. Yet

Welcome to stay in touch by email: physmichaeltsui@gmail.com, or click here to shoot him a Whatsapp (or scan the QR code below). Ciao!

Follow my personal Instagran at @wxumichael to see my latest posts:

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