About me

Originally from China, I came to Hong Kong in late 2000’s to study for my Bachelor’s degree in Hong Kong.

This is a blog about my life in Hong Kong, and my adventures outside Hong Kong, in China, South East Asian countries, and North America. I didn’t start this blog until the October of my second year in HK when I realized how many amazing moments I should have written down to better seal those great memories.

My passion for life is kiteboarding, an extreme sport that I got into since March 2015. I was lucky to get coached by one of the most respected instructors in Hong Kong. Loving this sports so much, that just after 15 months in June 2016, I became a certified kiteboarding instructor as well. So far I’ve kiteboarded in Hong Kong, South China, and South East Asia and I hope to expand my kitesurfing footprint to Australia, New Zealand, South France, Egypt, and some of those exotic and incredibly beautiful coral islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Other things that I’ve been passionate about includes badminton, hiking, photography, movies, and food.

Other than blogging regularly, I tweet a lot. I’ve also got a public integrated profile, check me out here: about.me/wxu.

I can solve a rubik’s cube within 20 seconds, but no one will pay me for it. Yet 


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      qiu bie hei

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