[update] We have ended the intake for 2022-2023 season [end of update]
Best kitesurf school in Lantau, HK. Next to the beach. Lessons for all levels from HK$800/hr. Top quality and premium gears included. Group of passionate, experienced and certified instructors. We aim to advance this sports and make it better for everyone.

We have a Whatsapp group for the HK kiting community, where we share wind infos, discuss topics like gears, tricks, events, etc. If you would like to join, contact us here.

Kitesurf – The Sport

Kitesurfing is a perfect combination of surfing, paragliding and gymnastics. It’s exciting as you can travel at a speed of more than 40km/h on the water surface. The kite also generates immense but controllable lift where players can jump 5-20+ meters above water and glide through the air.

In case you need some motivation:

Cretid: YouTube channel of Univers Kite

It is a very mobile sport. The kite is air-inflatable and packs into a normal-sized backpack, while the board can easily fit into the trunks of a taxi. While travelling by air, it falls under the category of “Sports Equipment” where most airlines do not have a surcharge.

See our FAQ page on our favorite spots worldwide and tips to travel with kitesurfing gears.

Kitesurfing is also a highly sociable sports. After all, you’d need to be pretty open-minded to get into this sport in the first place…We help each other to launch/land the kite and make sure each other is safe on the water. It’s what makes the the sports unique and the kiting community friendly and welcoming.

(Kiteboarding Season in Hong Kong)

Head Instructor

Michael is one of the six certified IKO Level 2 Kiteboarding Instructors in Hong Kong (as of 2022). Teaches with passion since 2015, across countries like Morocco, Brazil, Colombia and Hong Kong.

We had organized kite trips in more than 20 countries including Brazil, Cook Islands, Morocco, French Polynesia, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Japan and Vietnam, and hopefully more to come post-Covid.

He speaks fluent English/Spanish/Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) and not-very-fluent-yet French.

He is experienced in teaching in various environments (flat water, deep/wavy water) and he constantly incorporates new teaching techniques and improves his teaching methods.

Michael represented Hong Kong in the 2016 IKA Kitesurfing World Championships and ranked 35th among 105 competitors from 21 countries.

He is also unofficially the first Chinese to finish the 2019 Mega-Downwinder of 750km covering the northern Brazilian coast from Cumbuco to Atins.

Michael is certified in CPR, AED and First Aid.

Instructor Network

Michael is an active committee member of Hong Kong Kiteboarding Federation (HKKF) that aims to promote the sports and add diversity to the sports and community. We are also in great relationship with Obsession Kiting HK, Hoitin Kite, Hong Kong Kiteboarding School, Kiteboarding Hong Kong Association (KHKA), and many fantastic independent coaches. In case we are not available, we will refer you to one of these experienced and certified instructors we work with.

How to choose the best kite instructor / school?

The Course

Prerequisite: At least 12 years old, and can be comfortable swimming at least 200m in ocean water.

The format could be private or semi-private with max 4 people a class. We teach in English/Chinese/Spanish/French.

The course follows all the safety measures and teaching standards of International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) and the content follows the 2022 syllabus recommended by IKO

Click here for full sized document. Copy right IKO 2022.

Below are sample contents covered in each IKO level:

1. Level 1 “Discovery Kiteboarder”
– Avg 3 hours (1 day). Max 4 people per class.
– Build your wind awareness and build your basic kite piloting skills to any new-comers to the sport. It will also cover the most important safety procedures.
– Roughly 1.5 hrs of beach practice followed by 2 hrs of practice in the water, wrapped up with some summaries on land.

  • Kite piloting on the beach ~1 hr
  • Wind window theories
  • Kite setup and quick release procedures ~0.5 hr
  • Practice in the water (kite piloting, body dragging, etc.) ~1 hr
  • Packing up the gears
  • Tips / suggestions to further practice
Trainer kite piloting practice to explore the ‘wind window’.

2. Level 2 “Intermediate Kiteboarder”
– Avg 6-8 hours. Max 2 people per class.
– For students who has already learned to pilot a trainer kite on the beach, and wishes to progress further to be able to get onto the board (water-start)

  • More kite piloting
  • Single hand piloting
  • Body-drag downwind & upwind
  • Water-start (i.e. get on the board with pull from the kite)
  • Self-rescue
Single hand piloting is an important skill to master. Feel how light and subtle the steering could be…
Downwind body drag is about generate power by drawing figure 8 with the kite and let your body drift with it.
Water-start first attempt by student: see how the board was ‘skipping’ in the beginning, and he almost sank with no speed. But as soon as the board pointed downwind, he gained speed and started cruising.
Self-rescue: using the kite as a ‘sail’ to get back to shore under extreme/unexpected conditions

3. Level 3 “Independent Kiteboarder”
– Avg 8 hours (2 days). Max 2 people per class.
– For students who can already perform a water start, and wishes to progress further to be able to ride upwind/toeside, etc.

  • Riding upwind
  • Sliding Transision
  • Ride toeside
  • Jibing (two ways)
  • Self-launch, self-landing

4. Level 4 “Advanced Kiteboarder”
– Avg 10 hours. Max 2 people per class.
– For students who can already perform basic cruising, riding upwind/toeside, and wish to progress to jumps and more advanced aerial tricks.

  • First jumps
  • Jump with board grab
  • Back rolls / Front rolls
  • Jumping Higher
  • Kiteloops progressions (kiteloop transitions, airborne kiteloops, heli-loops, powered kiteloops)
Using a heli-loop (a kiteloop over your head while landing jumps) to soften the landing…

5. Refresher Clinic
You took lessons before but haven’t kited for a while, or you are new to the Hong Kong spot, we offer this bespoke Refresher Clinic to help you remember the basic skills, safety procedures (self-rescue), upwind techniques, etc. and give you a comprehensive introduction to kiting in HK (seasons, other spots, etc.)

Intended Learning Outcome

This course is intended to equipt students with safety and basic gear handling knowledges so that they could practice independently safely, at any spot. Student would also be ecertified (on whereby he/she can rent kitesurfing equipment around the world upon presenting the certification and demonstrating reasonable skills.

Course Equipment

To ensure quality and best experience for students, the Megaloop Kite School Hong Kong uses the top gears and latest 2021-2022 models from the high-end premium German brand CORE Kiteboarding. Students will be provided the following during the training:

  • Helmet, life jacket / buoyancy aid, booties & wetsuits (feel free to bring your own if you have them)
  • Kite, harness, control bar, board

Students are responsible to bring/use/wear their own items below.

  • Sun glasses (with a tie to secure behind the head, if you don’t plan to buy a new one)
  • Rashguard (aka lycra, 防晒衣) / swim suit / bathing suit; board shorts (沙滩裤)
  • Sunblock (best to be water resistant with high SPF number like this one)

See our FAQ page on renting vs buying after finishing your course, as well as tips on getting your first kite, new kite vs second-hand kite, etc.


How to choose the best kite instructor / school?

See our FAQ page for tips / considerations on gear rental vs purchase, and more consideration between 1st hand and 2nd hand kites.

Book Your Lesson

[update] Michael is no longer teaching for the 2022-2023 season. Still, welcome to reach out if you are new to Hong Kong, we will navigate you around. If you need rental gears, head to the beach Shui Hau Wan on a windy easterly day and look for the guy Hoitin (Whatsapp: +852 9233 4903 ) he will gear you up. Visit our shop or contact us here to join our Whatsapp group where we share wind info, discuss topics like gears, tricks, big air events, etc.
[end of update]

Due to high volume, we encourage you to book your lessons online now to warranty your lesson availability. Online Registration Form here.

Alternatively, get in touch through Whatsapp at +852 68796212, by email at, through our Instagram handle @megaloopkiting or simply scan the QR code below. Indicate your experience level, and first available day for the lesson. Also help us understand your sports background, motivation and ultiamate goal.

While we do our best to fulfill new enrolls in which they were received, our first priority is to serve and support our existing customer base. Often we will refine & improve the riding skills for existing clients before entertaining new clients. This is the quality of service and support Megaloop Kiting has always been known for.

Gift Voucher

Got a special occasion coming up for your friend / special one? We are pleased to offer a customizable gift voucher for either lessons or shopping.

(Greetings and contents are customizable.)


Main spot (Oct – May) – Shui Hau Wan, Lantau Island, Google map link: here
Summer spot – Pui O Beach, Lautau Island, Google map link: here
Detailed transportation tips: see Directions

Student Feedbacks

Our primary focus for the course is safety and fun. Michael teaches with heart, passion, is greatly engaged and always shows a high level of hospitality before / during / after the classes.

“Michael is probably the best instructor you can find in Hong Kong. …”

Many students have become good friends and we highly appreciate this. We are also grateful for any referrals.

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Aitutaki, Cook Islands – The World’s Most Beautiful Lagoon

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