Pui O Beach, Hong Kong: Kitesurfer’s Go-to Place in Summer

Kitesurfing during the hot summer season under southwesterly wind in Hong Kong has really limited options. It has to be either Lung Kwu Tan, or Pui O Beach. While Lung Kwu Tan might be too far for many city residents, Pui O is a good alternative given its much cleaner and longer beach, friendly facilities, and cleaner water. Did I mention that Lung Kwu Tan is not even a beach, and it is covered with rubbish and battens in my previous post?

Stretched some 550 meters, the actual area that kitesurfers can set their kite on the beach is limited to the southeastern side of the beach that measures about 100 meters. The rest of the beach is open for swimming for the public and is restricted from kiting by the government.



Good for: Southwesterly. By experience, under same wind direction, Pui O Beach usually requires a larger kite than Long Kwu Tan, by around 1-2m.

Transportation: Arrive in Tung Chung MTR Station and hop on bus 3M, get off at Pui O Beach. The bus ride takes around 25 minutes.


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