Main spot (Oct – May) is Shui Hau Wan, Lantau Island, google map link: here
Summer spot is Pui O Beach, Lautau Island, google map link: here
Detailed transportation tips please see the Directions page.

Main Spot – Shui Hau Wan, Lantau Island

Megaloop Kite School Hong Kong is based in Shui Hau Wan, Lantau Island, Hong Kong for its windy season (Oct – Mar).
Google Map click here.

– From Tung Chung

Take the MRT to reach Tung Chung MTR station, take exit D. From there you have two options:

1. Take Bus No. 11 (Tai O Direction) / 11A (Shek Pik Direction) / 23 (Ngong Ping Direction) cross the street at bus station Fu Tung Plaza and get off at Lower Wan Lung (下横巃). Approx 30 min bus ride.

2. Take a blue cab at the taxi station right outside of exit D and get off at the Shui Hau Football Pitch (水口湾足球场). Approx. 20 min ride.

If you drive

Unfortunately unless you are a residence of Lantau Island, you will need to switch to bus/taxi at Shek Mun Kap – the furthest point you can drive to without a special permit.

Park your car at Shek Mun Kap, then take Bus No. 11 / 11A / 23 heading uphill at bus station Shek Mun Kap and get off at Lower Wan Lung (下横巃)

Summer Spot – Pui O Beach, Lan Tau Island

Google map link: here
After getting off the bus / taxi, proceed to the left-most end of the beach (‘left’ as in when you face the water).

– From Mui Wo

Get to Mui Wo Ferry by ferry (fast boat ~ 35 min / normal boat ~ 55 min) from Central No. 6 pier. Ferry schedule here.

From Mui Wo Bus Terminal just outside of the ferry pier, either take Bus No. 1 (Tai O direction) /2 (Ngong Ping direction) /3M (Tung Chung direction) and get off at Lo Uk Tsuen ‘罗屋村’ (the stop after Sun Wai Tsuen ‘新围村’), or take a taxi for a ~10min ride.

– From Tung Chung

Get to Tung Chung MTR station first, then from there either take Bus No. 3M (Muy Wo Ferry Pier direction) and get off at Lo Uk Village (~25 min ride), or take a taxi (~15min ride).

Taxi back to the city

You can always take the same bus of opposite direction to head back, but on a weekend afternoon (esp. Sunday / public holidays), expect the buses to be full and long waiting time for an available bus. In this situation, you might want to hail a taxi to get back.

A couple of operators, give them a ring and specify your pick-up and drop-off location, number of people, and if any big luggages. On a busy day you might need to add a tip ranging from HK$ 20 to sometimes north of $100…

Taxi operaters for hailing:
Main operator +852 29841328 / +852 29841368
Other operators: +852 29876555 / +852 51864100 / +852 29881122 / +852 62911875 / +852 5998 4819 / +852 5121 1907 / +852 5989 8939 / +852 9645 7887 / +852 5477 3308 / + 852 5407 3913 

Whatsapps for taxi hailing:
+852 62866333