Lung Kwu Tan, Hong Kong: An Alternative Kitesurfing Spot in Summer

In summer when prevailing wind becomes north west or south west, kitesurfers in Hong Kong have to give up Shui Hau Wan, their favourite autumn/winter spot, to resort to either Pui O Beach, another beach in Lantau, or Lung Kwu Tan, a beach in the remote Teun Mun District of Hong Kong.

Lung Kwu Tan, or dragon-drum beach, is technically not even a beach. I was told by a friend that the seemingly black sand is made of charcoal. Two chimneys (of Castle Peak Power Station) at the southern tip of the beach added to this statement.


The beach stretches a mere 1.5 kilometers and it appears incredibly messy and untended – the whole area is covered by rubbish, broken battens, food boxes. Landing your kite must be done with attention because a small mistake might send your kite to the repairing factory.




On a sunny summer afternoon, the beach could be easily packed with some 30 kites.


Despite the sketchy set-up, sun set here is breathtaking and it never fails attract both casual visitors and professional photographers.



And did I mention that some 10 minutes walk from Teun Mun city center, there’s a seafood market called Sam Shing Hui (Google Map) that offers incredibly fresh seafood?



Lonely Island’s page on this seafood market reads

Along Castle Peak Beach, this busy working seafood market sits adjacent to rows of dai pai dong (food stalls), as well as fancier enclosed establishments, ready to cook up whatever you’ve picked. English is limited here, but pointing and smiling should get you going – just be sure to ask for prices first.





Good for: Southwest or Northwest wind. Typical kite size is 11-17m

Location: Google Map

Transportation: Get to Teun Mun MTR station, then take bus K52 and get off at Lung Kwu Tan (terminal station). The bus ride takes around 30 minutes.


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