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Travelling with your kite is easy. Just pick a windy place and hop on the plane. Look at this fantastic ‘Kitesurfing Destinaitons by Month‘ map site by to get inspirations

Kite luggages like this usually fall under ‘sports equipment’ and many airlines don’t charge extra for it.

Some do however. We have compiled a google sheet like this below, but the data was as of the time I did the research (definitely pre-Covid…), and by no means the list was exhausted. So do your own research, read the baggage guidelines. But it should give you some sense or perhaps a good starting point.

Link here

More travel tips and hacks courtesy of Michael Mac Donald – the CEO of Big Air Kite League (BAKL):

For spot guides and more travel tips, we love the Miriam’s kitesurfing blog called Wake Up Stoked, she’s a digital nomad from Germany. Listen to her appearance on the Kitesurf365 podcast here.

Upcoming Trips

Cape Town, South Africa

Past Trips / Kite Camps / Clinics

South of France – Some Awesome Spots Along France’s Mediterranean Coast

Cape Town, South Africa: Watching the 10th Edition of Red Bull King of the Air
Spain – Tarifa: Sampling Some 50 Knots Levante at Los Caños / Balneario

Colombia – Cartagena

Brazil – The 750km Mega-Downwinder along its Northern Coast
Uruguay – Coloina del Sacramento
French Polynesia – Tahiti, Moora, Bora Bora
Cook Islands – Aitutaki: The World’s Most Beautiful Lagoon
New Zealand – Auckland
Sri Lanka – the Main Lagoon
Morocco – Dakhla

Tanzania – Zanzibar
Japan – Ishigaki

China – Boao, Hainan Island
Vietnam – Phan Rang
USA – California

Thailand – Hua Hin
China – Pingtan, Fujian
China – Boao, Hainan
China – Shuang Yue Wan, Guangdong

Hong Kong – Pui O Beach
Hong Kong – Long Kwu Tan
Hong Kong – Shui Hau Bay [home spot]

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