Moorea, French Polynesia: A Heart-Shaped Paradise

It was my first time doing this island hopping kitesurfing trip in the Southern Pacific islands. Given that I was carrying my gears, I decided to limit my destination to the major islands and leave the more exotic ones for my next adventure.

I arrived at Tahiti at night, after a 3-hr flight from Rarontonga, Cook Islands. Was such a breathtaking flight:

During my days in Tahiti I rented a car from Avis. I had to admit that it was the first time I felt so poor, having got used to those budget rental cars that cost a mere 15 USD a day (yes you can get it easily in China). The daily rate here was easily 250+ USD..

Without a car, though, it was pretty impossible to get to the spot in Tahiti… Anyways, here we go

Was fun on my 10m North Dice.

A few days later I took a flight to Tahiti’s neighbouring island, Moorea. It was literally a 20 minute flight.

And immediately I rent a motorbike and rode to the spot with my gears. Wind was blowing easily 20 knots.

I launched my kite, and went out with my diving googles. It was an amazing lagoon, flat water. Around those coral reefs, I would just park my kite above me, and duck my head for some ‘kite-snorkeling’ sessions (not sure who invented this..)

It was incredible, I saw reef sharks and a bunch of sting rays. Too bad my GoPro ran out of battery so wasn’t able to capture this on camera…

On a windless day, feel free to stroll around the island (it is bigger than I through, to complete the island with motorbike it took me 2 hours…) Here are some nice shots from the Sofitel hotel on the east side of the island.

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