Aitutaki, Cook Islands: The World’s Most Beautiful Lagoon

The World’s Most Beautiful Lagoon? I didn’t make this up – according to Telegraph:

On April 11 1789, His Majesty’s ship Bounty came across a supremely beautiful triangle of white sands and coconut palms lost in the vast blue counterpane of the South Pacific. Its commander, Lt William Bligh, was the first European to set eyes on Wytootackee, as he called it – although, in fact, it is not at all tacky. The journal of his voyage, now available online, gives no indication that he had reached what is today billed, with much justification, as “the world’s most beautiful lagoon”. Sixteen days later, perhaps understandably, his crew mutinied.

The Lagoon

Many red-tailed tropical birds…

One-foot Island

By the name of it, you might think it’s just an island that’s so small that can only fit one foot. Actually there’s a sort of sad story behind it…

【quote here】

Be sure to bring your passport to get a stamp that shape like a foot!

The Milky Way

I don’t know how to describe it, and I unfortunately couldn’t show you any photo because I didn’t have a DSLR to take long-shutter picture properly, but it was got to be the most beautiful night sky I’ve ever seen – I was basically able to see what I remember The Milky Way would look like (from my high school physics class) with my naked eyes.

(Copyright of the photo belongs to Tunc Tezel from this link )

Not to mention that those shooting starts could be spotted roughly once every 10 seconds.

At night, go to where the airport is, it would be completely dark.

Activities other than Kiting

Inevitably during my stay there were some not-so-windy days. There are many options, mostly water related (what else do you expect? XD) .

Diving / Snorkeling
There are a few companies do this, just go to the tourist info centor around the pier for more information.



These parrot fish are incredibly tender!

Island Sunset / Sunrise

Behind the scene – I might have got 20 bug bites taking this…


I was travelling with my kiting gears and I mistakenly booked a very short connection flight at Auckland of 1 hour. I made it to the connection flight (Auckland -> Rarontonga), but my gears did not, which stayed at Auckland airport…

I felt frustrated because my Rarontonga -> Aitutaki flight was on the second day 2:30pm, and if I take that flight without my gears, I might risk the chance of spending my whole kitesurfing vacation in Aitutaki without…my kites…

There’s another flight coming from Auckland to Rarontonga that lands at 2pm on the second day. I thus spent my entire first night at Rarontonga worrying the many moving parts – would the airline able to locate my chunky kiteboarding bag, would the flight tomorrow arrive on time, would the Rarontonga airline staff be kind (and quick) enough to put this on my Rarontonga -> Aitutaki flight…

Luckily, it all worked out… I was extremely thrilled haha…Shout out to this NewZealand Airlines staff Marylene

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