Yangzhou, China: Slender West Lake

If you understand Chinese, the poem “烟花三月下扬州”, or yanhua sanyue xia yangzhou, is telling us that Spring is the best season to visit Yangzhou, a picturesque city located in central Jiangsu Province of China. Located right in the downtown area, Slender West Lake (pinyin: shou4 xi1 hu2) is a MUST-go place. I’ve been to West Lake in Hangzhou a couple of years ago, not that I wasn’t impressed by its beauty, I thought it was way too crowded. Slender West Lake is relatively smaller in size, however during my short stay in the area, I managed to see the major attractions on the lake.

ChinaTravelGuide introduces Slender West Lake as..

Slender West Lake is a man-made lake where beautiful views and historic points coexist. It lies in the southwest of Yangzhou. The lake is a state-level scenic resort and gets its name because its outline is long and narrow like a slender, gentle girl.

The scenic resort is a fine example of a traditional Chinese lakeside garden. Walking along the lake, one can see many elegant styles of architectures. Some line along the shore of the lake, and others are actually built over the lake. They all possess different kinds of beauty. Numerous poems have been left by famous poets about the beautiful lake adding to its cultural importance.




The bridge in the distance is called Twenty-four Bridge. It was believed that the name was coined by people in Sui dynasty where emperor Yang had ordered 24 maids of his imperial palace to play the flute on that bridge.

A poem by a famous poet Du Mu of Tang Dynasty goes “二十四桥明月夜,玉人何处教吹箫”..


The Five Pagoda Bridge:


Fahai Temple:




Diaoyu Tai, or Fishing Platform, is alleged a favorite retreat for Qing emperor Qianlong.  Dozens of tourists lined up here to take pictures because if done right, the two holes of the platform could captures two frames, each entail an attraction of the lake: Baita (Whie Pagoda) and Five Pagoda Bridge:


And of course, some legit Yangzhou style dishes to feed us after the short visit..


ChinaTravelGuid also tells us the admission fees and transportation details:

Admission Fee: CNY 150  (might fluctuate by seasons)

Ticket Selling Hours:07:00 to 17:30

Bus Route:take bus no.4, 6,17, 27, 29, 37, 62 or 103 and get off at Shouxihu Station


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