Yangzhou, China: Geyuan Garden

If you are in Yangzhou, China, apart from Slender West Lake, another attraction that you can’t miss out is Geyuan Garden, a private garden that showcases the great finesse of the salt merchants of Qing dynasty, who started to build such gardens in regions south of Yangtze River.

It is crowned as “one of the four famous gardens in China”:


Here is a bit of history and etymology of Geyuan Garden from Wikipedia:

The Geyuan Garden was known as “the garden of the long-lived Ganoderma” during the Ming Dynasty. In 1818 (the 22nd year of the reign of the Jiaqing Emperor), salt distribution commissioner Huang Zhiyun bought the land and rebuilt the garden as a private retreat. Huang Zhiyun loved bamboo, believing that they were as persistent, modest, straightforward and loyal as a good man. A cluster of three bamboo leaves resemble the Chinese character (pronounced “ge”). This was also noted by Yuan Mei, a writer during the Qing Dynasty: “the moonlight made the bamboo shadows hundreds of the character ge“. The owner chose the name ”Ge Yuan” for his garden to correspond to his name, Zhi Yun (Chinese: 至筠, which also means “bamboo”).






It was interesting to see bricks shaped like ancient Chinese coins…


A peek into the houses…


A dining table that could be split into halves, made of pricy Indian Sandalwood:



Address of Geyuan Garden: No. 10, Yanfu East Road, Yangzhou

Admission: 45 CNY for peak season, 30 for off season

To get there, take bus 26 from train station and get off No. 1 People’s Hospital, then transfer to Travel-express Bus No.3


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