Toronto: Niagara, Toronto Island Park, Guu and The Medieval Times

My friend Chanrith and Lily made my Toronto trip much more memorable. Chanrith, while doing a PhD in Michigan, asked for a leave and drove all the way to meet me up at Niagara Falls, while Lily joined us for the Medieval Times show and the late night parteyyy. I just felt really lucky to have these friends.

Niagara Fall is breath-taking. IMG_7359


The observatory on the other side of the falls belongs to the States. That’s the moment you felt proud to be a Canadian, or at least proud to admire the falls on the Canadian side 🙂





I never know Niagara Fall is actually consisted of 2 falls, a big one and  a smaller one:

IMG_7363 IMG_7378 IMG_7387 IMG_7393

In the afternoon we hopped on our SUV and hit the road back to downtown. We found this Japanese restaurant Guu (recommended by a lot of my Canadian local friends so we decided to try it). We ended up waited for an entire hour, we hoped the food could make up for it.

It did. The dishes are all really decorative, although they come in smaller amount.


On the second morning, we took the ferry to reach Toronto Island Park. To be honest, there aren’t many people in the park, and sometimes we felt like we were the only visitors. But it still was a good place to chill.

IMG_7512 IMG_7519 IMG_7541

Yep, and the park also provides a great position to shoot the skyline of downtown Toronto. (really similar to Shanghai, isn’t it?)


In the afternoon we swung by this brewery called Steam Whistle brewery, located close to the famous CN tower.


Their beer tastes rather bitter to me..



And we entertained ourselves by joining the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. (Toronto was actually the only city that they put on the show. They mainly do this in the states)


We get to keep those cocktail classes with the knights on them!

IMG_7721 IMG_7725 IMG_7781


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