Beijing: Deyun She 15 Year Anniversary Special Featured by Guo Degang

It’s been a year since the last time I went to Beijing. I spent around 3 weeks, tried my best to explore this world-class metropolis like an expad. Sad thing is, I only managed to make one post (10 Beijing Food We Can’t Live Without) after that trip, and it was about food. Today, as I am planning my trip to Beijing again, I looked at my old pictures from last year, and they just makes me so reminiscent. That’s how this post, and some following posts come about, just to tell you some stories that I talked to every one of my friends about.

If you go to Beijing and you would like a taste of traditional culture, you might want to make a quick stop at Tianqiao (天桥茶馆) or Deyun She (德云社). Founder of these tea houses is Guo Degang, one of the most famous Xiangsheng (相声) performers throughout the history of Xiangsheng in China.

Wikipedia has an introduction in Chinese: ( English version was too brief )




Founded by Guo Degang in 1996, Deyun She gathers some of the best Xiangsheng artists who perform regularly in those tea houses, or on some bigger events like the Annual spring festival evening gala.

During my short stop in Beijing, I heard that Deyun She was embracing its 15 year Anniversary and holding special performance of Guo Degang on June 12….and I only knew it on June 11. I called the tea house to inquiry the tickets, and not-much-out-of-my-expectation, the tickets were sold out much earlier. So I decided just to go the show 1 hour earlier, chances were I could get some tickets from those scalpers, as I did when getting a ticket for a show National Center Performing Arts.
I do have the luck. I saw a lot of people surrounding this lady who bought 2 extra tickets and wanted to sell them at a higher price (hm, I don’t think she’s one of those ‘scalpers’, but…does selling at a higher price makes her one, technically? ). And immediately, a bunch of other people who were desperately seeking tickets came up to the lady and even started bidding for the tickets.
One of them even took out his ID, showing the lady that he came from Inner Mongolia to Beijing, specially for the show. I know my Hong Kong ID could buy me a bigger advantage, so I took my HK ID card out….and made up a story of how I lost my tickets, which, not-so-surprisingly, overshadows the guy with the Inner Mongolia ID, bought me 1 of the 2 tickets that the lady had.
Yay! I’m glad that there was no expads who were fighting for the tickets with me.
Anyway, this is how the inside looks:
Definitely a full-house.
Guo Degang made one really really long stand-up show (单口相声), featuring a story from 九尾狐 (or, literally, a fox with 9 tails). It lasted for more then 30 minutes, so I didn’t record all of them.
Nevertheless, I did captured some of apprentices, who are also very famous, although I can’t recall their name when I am writing this blog:
They makes fun of Jay Chaw, the famous Taiwanese singer:

Xiang Sheng performers pay an extensive attention to their basic skills, the artist on the left (normally called 逗哏) did a well-known piece called 报菜名 (or, literally, stating the names of the dishes)

Also, a piece known as 报地名 (or, literally, stating the names of countries/regions)

Traveller’s tips:

I advice going there by taxi, tell the taxi driver that you want to go to 天桥 (pinyin: tianqiao).

Follow the official site of Deyun She for the show information:

Disclaimer: All videos captured are not strictly used for personal entertainment. No copy right infringement is intended. All rights reserved to De Yunshe


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