Haidilao: Not Just A Hot Pot Place

This is not only a place to have hot pot, it’s a place that you feel like you are the god.

City Weekend highly recommend this restaurant

This restaurant serves up authentic Sichuan hot pot and hand-pulled noodles and has exceptionally good service to boot. They also allows customers to order half dishes, making it perfect for smaller groups or perhaps a single hot pot binge. Long queues are the reality, but its hard to complain when plied with tea, snacks and manicures (no kidding).

Winter in Shanghai is chilly. I immediately thought of Haidilao, a famous restaurant that I’ve always been hearing of, but never got a chance to visit. During our short stay in Shanghai last week, we managed to go to one of its franchises in Beijing Xi Rd..

We got there super early – at 5pm – to avoid the crowd. (We really glad that we did, because by the time we left the restaurant – 7pm, the people waiting outside was probable at the same number people eating inside)

They made us wear this apron to keep our clothes clean:

The fun part is, if you go to the toilet, they even open the water faucet for you, help you prepare lotion, and hand you the towels — THIS IS INCREDIBLE.

Food itself is very tasty:

If you order the hand-pulled noodle, the chef will come up to your table and give you an amazing performance:

Note: The first show was ruined when the noodle accidentally hit exit sign on the ceiling.

This restaurant runs in many of the major cities in China like Beijing, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Xi’an, Jianyang. Click here to see if your city have one of them.


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