Calypso Cabaret – Best Ladyboy Show in Thailand

On the first day we arrived in Thailand, we decide to see one of the must-sees here – Ladyboy show.

The official website of Calypso Cabaret tells us how it’s started:

17 years ago by now , 1987 , we decided to create a show , which should be different ,  – how that ? ! In the show bussiness many curtains were red , many legs were long and feathers on top of all. And yet , there was that vision and that urge to try – and since we do. With red curtains and long legs and feathers , too and with that one shining detail , which is by now CALYPSO‘s trademark.

I’ve been hearing about ladyboys in Thailand for a long time, and I’ve also been seeing them from the pictures from my friends’ travel albums, yet I was still excited about the show because I was about to see those showgirls in person.

Enjoy this popular Korean song Nobody performed by the ladyboys!


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  1. beautiful pictures of beautiful ladyboys, so it must be beautiful shows too.

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