Sai Kung, Hong Kong: Cliff Diving

This place, hidden from the bustle and hustle of Hong Kong, undocumented from many local hiking guide books, is allegedly the “only place” where people can dive the cliff for FREE.

On May 1, 2010, Alex Batts, one of my friends from Canada, decided to celebrate his birthday by diving from the top of the cliff (24 feet high) to the pond beneath.


His stylish Jump:

Measured some 24 ft, or 8 meters high, the cliff doesn’t seem intimidating at all, until I finally climbed up and looked downward. Having skydived 12,000 ft in Queenstown, New Zealand, I probably do not have acrophobia, however, the 5 minutes that I took to convince myself to jump off this 24-ft-high cliff might have been the longest and most dreaded 5 minutes in my life.

With the encouragement of friends down there taking the video (who yelled “Jump Michael, d*** it, battery is dying”), I finally made the move…

How to get there:

Take a taxi from Sai Kung Pier, tell the taxi driver to stop at Sai Wan Village (西湾村), take a short hike (about 40 minutes) to Tai Long Sai Wan, or Big Wave West Bay, and take a left turn from the beach. A small path leads you to this place (10 more minutes).



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  1. Tom Baker says:

    EXTREME! – nice job pushing off from the wall the second time around. I’ll be doing this in 2 weeks and submitting my video to the extreme ream at TauBu!

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