Hong Kong: High Junk Peak Hike

It’s funny that I had the wrong impression that somewhere along the trail people can spot HKUST. This’s why I kept looking for my school and never could find it during the whole hike.

Back to the topic, today I was planning to hike alone, but I happened to meet two guys who later on introduced themselves as Kevin and Danny, at the earlier stage of the hike. And I’m glad I did join them.

Wikipedia has this impressive introduction:

Towering 344 metres above the lowlands, High Junk Peak (Traditional Chinese: 釣魚翁, lit. “Fisherman”) is one of the three treacherous peaks in Hong Kong. It is the number one attraction of Clear Water Bay Country Park located in theClear Water Bay PeninsulaSai KungNew Territories, Hong Kong.

The other two sharp peaks of Hong Kong are Sharp Peak (蚺蛇尖) and Castle Peak (青山).

It is also known as one of the three sharp peaks of Sai Kung. The other two are Sharp Peak and Tai Yue Ngam Teng (睇魚岩頂).

We made it, but with tremendous effort. Climbing up is OK, I was just using both of my hands and my legs. Whereas the downhill is much more painful since there were barely steps to put your feet on, plus the fact that it’s already steep. So as a guy without proper tracking shoes and hiking sticks like me, one might have to sit down to keep balance, utilizing all of his arms, legs, and butts.

Some awesome views from them middle of the trail:

The trail ends near a local fishing village Po Toi O, where one can easily find a seafood restaurant to stop by after the tiring hike.

The food is quite filling, with a decent prize. Recommended! (actually I notice a lot of people come here exclusively for seafood, it might help illustrate how popular the seafood here are for local people and expats.)


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