Dialogue in the Dark

My friends have been talking about the special exhibition titled Dialogue in the Dark  for a while, and since it sounds really cool, I thought I might go there as well.

The official event page on this exhibition reads:

Get ready to discover parts of Hong Kong that you will never see!  Give your eyes a rest  as you are immersed into complete darkness. Inside, there are five different environments: a park, a ferry, a market, a movie theatre and a café. Each environment has unique textures, sounds, smells and even tastes; you will have to rely on your other senses to explore each environment!

Our professionally trained visually impaired tour guides are there every step of the way as they lead you through the exhibition.  In the dark, roles are reversed – the blind becomes sighted, and the sighted are lead by the blind. Our guides teach participants how to appreciate each environment without light – even without vision there is much beauty in the world to be found.

The tour is exactly what it says in the quote above, so I’m not going into details here. I expected that I could at least see the moving things in the dark, instead, I saw ABSOLUTELY nothing (I don’t know how they make it, but it’s amazing). One of the cool things about the tour is that the visually impaired guide who later on introduced himself as William, a gentlemen originated from Xi’an, China, guide us like he’s fully sighted, and he’s wearing night googles.

Some of the thoughts from today:

– In the dark, people tend to expand their personal territory.

– When in dark, I felt despair and tried to grab something.

– Life of visually impaired people must be tough.

– I felt different talking to someone in absolute darkness.

I’m going to elaborate my forth thought a little bit. I remember that in the market, the guide asked us to feel the things in the basket and passing them around to other participants. I had an interesting conversation with a girl who later on introduced herself as Helen, about what those stuff really are. Yes, it’s a different kind of feeling talking to people in the dark, in a way that you couldn’t look into people’s eyes as you normally do, your ears are therefore much more focus.


If you are interested in the event, click here for the whereabouts.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Fili says:

    i’ve been meaning to go see that for a long time. will check that out soon…

    thanks for sharing.

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