Pixar: 25 Years of Animation

One of the privileges of studying in Hong Kong is that you can always find some entertaining events, something all what we are looking for in a afternoon trip away from boring schoolwork. This Saturday I went to the special exhibition in Hong Kong Heritage Museum Pixar: 25 years of Animation.

The official page of the exhibition gives us a brief introduction:

As a blockbuster exhibition hosted by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum in 2011, “Pixar: 25 Years of Animation” showcases different types of drawings by Pixar Animation Studios during the conception of CG animation works, which offer visitors an artistic insight into the studio’s hugely successful and most beloved films. Over 400 items, including traditional artwork in various mediums, maquettes, early animated short films, and one-of-a-kind media installations created by Pixar Technical Artists are on display in the exhibition. After a successful international tour and stop in California, the show has been re-curated and is now making its first stop globally in Hong Kong. Some of this new artwork has never been seen outside of the studio’s archives before!

I’ve never seen this many people lining up in front of any museums in Hong Kong:

The exhibition decomposes the process of animation, and it introduces everything from starting a script, constructing storyboard, adding color, so on and so forth, until the final product. It features some of the movies that people are most familiar with, The Toy Story series, The Incredible, Finding Nemo, Monsters. Inc. , Ratatouille, A Bug’s Life, etc. You’ll see some of them from the pics below.

This is too CLASSIC:

The storyboard of one of the scenes from Toy Story 3:

The Incredibles:

And of course, Dory from Finding Nemo:


The amazing exhibition will be on until July 11, you are advised to visit there on weekdays. The Hong Kong Heritage Museum is easy to get to, it’s within 5 minutes of walk from Che Kung Temple MTR station(Exit A).

Note the opening hours of the museum:

Monday, Wednesday to Saturday  10am – 6pm
Sunday and public holidays  10am – 7pm

and it CLOSES on Tuesday!

Have a nice trip yourself.


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