Grand Celebration for the 20th Anniversary of HKUST

I’ve been lucky, because I am among the few students got invited to this grand celebration to witness the  HKUST’s 20th anniversary, themed Our Miracle Continues.

On Friday afternoon, we dressed up, and headed for Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

The official page of HKUST’s 20th Anniversary kindly reads President Tony Chan’s message:

This year, 2011, HKUST is 20 years old. For such a young university, we have heard the roar of the community’s approval and the approbation of the world. Our academic arc has been steep and our rise rapid. We have dared to go where no one has gone before: blazing a trail for the long-term development of science, technology and business education, and creating something great where none has existed before. This university owes much of its success to the dedication of its founders, faculty and faithful supporters. They can see the results of their endeavors in the quality of our students and the caliber of our alumni. Our research is getting the attention of our global peers and creating an impact on the wider community. Join us in our year-long celebrations as we toast our collective achievements and chart a bolder course. For us, creative excellence is its own reward and the miracle must continue.

The event today features Donald Tsang, Chief Executive of HKSAR:

Tony Chan, President of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology:

and several other important senior people.

One of the interesting things during the event:

The asteroid found by the Purple Mountain Observatory (Chinese Academy of Science) numbered 202784 is announced to be named ‘Gangkeda’, or Hong Kong University of Science and Technology:

And I of course didn’t forgo this opportunity network and meet people. I had a pleasant short talk with the founding president of the HKUST, president Chia-Wei Woo, who is really easy-going:

And I even took a picture with the president of Caltech, Prof Jean-Lou Chameau:

Were it not for that hand, it could be a perfect picture

Finally, after the ceremony I joined couple of amazing HKUST alumni for dinner at a Shanghainese restaurant in HKCEC:

Last, if you are interested in buying some souvenirs for the HKUST 20th Anniversary, you might want to have a look at this:


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  1. Fili says:

    Terrific! look fantastic, would have been interesting to be there. Thanks for sharing.

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