More Food

Right after finishing the fifth exam this week, I had a strong desire to go out, just chill, despite the fact that I’m having my last exam on Monday. I picked a movie randomly, and soon I regretted. Sucker Punch, I haven’t seen a worse movie than this one for a while. It’s hilarious, non-realistic, and boring. Anyway, I’m not giving a movie review here. On Sunday two weeks ago, when I finally made up my mind to go to Joy Hing Roasted Meat restaurant, only to find it’s closed. It’s ONLY closed on Sunday! Why are they doing this…

Joy Hing attempt FAIL

(the little characters said the restaurant ONLY rest on Sunday…turns out I didn’t do enough research) However, I’m a determined man. So I go there again.

Trust me, I’ve been having barbecue pork on-campus for like a year, and it’s easy to distinguish good ones and bad ones. This restaurant, claimed their different recipes of making the barbecue meat, and I think they live up to their fame! After this I went on to Kam Fung Restaurant near by, and tried its butter pineapple bun and iced milk tea. They are different, worth trying!

2 most popular items in this restaruant

Later on, I took the subway to Causeway, to find this Denmark Cafe shop. The small foodie is really not eye-catching, but people are still lining in front of it, waiting for its most welcomed cheese burger.

the shop is small, and I figured it could be a family-ran business. here comes the cheese burger:

For only 11 dollars, it can’t really go any wrong!

Enough food for a day!


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  1. skywalkhu says:

    OMG, u have to get fatter & fatter…. U poor guy

    1. Michael Xu says:


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