Tung Po Restaurant in NorthPoint

Food always give me a good getaway from my insanely busy school work.

I have to say, I’m having a massive food coma right now, after devouring 14 dishes in a jammed indoor-food-court in North Point, with 9 of my friends. I know this place, Tung Po Restaurant, from Lily who told me towards the end of last semester, and she said Anthony Bourdain recommended this place in his widely known show No Reservation. Yea, she talked about the mouthwatering Wind Sand Chicken too:

Wind Sand Chicken

The name, Wind Sand Chicken makes more sense in Chinese, but I have no idea what does it imply in English. But the chicken is definitely yum! It has a very cracking skin and tender meat under the skin. And, it looks a lot bigger than it seems in the picture.

Alright, hope the 5 exams next week won’t destroy me too crudely.


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