CNY Fireworks by the Pearl River

I usually don’t go out on the first day of Chinese New Year, but this year I couldn’t contain my hunger to tour around the downtown area of Guangzhou, and major part of the reason is I’ve been longing for the CNY fireworks by the pearl river for a several years.

I got to the river bank early at 8pm, and people started to swarmed to the riverbank soon after that. I got a good spot to admire the fireworks and took some pictures during the show, but it’s insanely long – it lasted for like an hour, and I finally got tired and bored. It could have been much better if they compress the show to half an hour or 20 minutes (like hong kong) and make it bigger in scale.

It’s funny when I read the newspaper the following day, which says the whole fireworks show was broke into 6 movements. I actually didn’t sensed anything transferences between them.

However, it’s quite an experience. Watch a fraction of the fireworks again with me:


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