Guangzhou: Vintage Xiguan Residence

Xiguan house is one of the few well-know styles of Lingnan (meaning southern China) architecture, else being banboo house, riding house (骑楼), and Chen Clan Academy. I’ve been heard of this style of residence since I was little, and we see a lot of these houses in the local Cantonese TV drama – 外来媳妇本地郎. And today I finally got did some research and found that there’s actually some Xiguan residences open to public, and this one is in Liwan Museum.

I’m kind of impaired of describing directions, so I extract some of the words from an academic writing on Xiguan Residence:

…its representative layout is: three rooms and two coffidors, eudipleural, and the main hall stands in the middle, and the middle axes stretches from the front to the back of the house, from the south to the north….

(to read the whole passage named Xiguan Residence and Lingnan Culture in pdf format, please click here)

No.2 room, which serves as the kitchen:

and of course, the most iconic designation of these kind of residences is the front door, known as 趟栊门 in Chinese:

I could definitely feel the quiet and elegant in this big house.

Then I took a walk around this Liwan Lake Park, which is a good place to chill. 

And as I walked pass a small lane on the way back to the subway station, I noticed some interesting wall paintings, they are all rhymes from childhood, and I couldn’t help but sing some of them for old time’s sake.


西关大屋 – it’s totally in Chinese, so you don’t want to click on it if you don’t know any Chinese, sorry 😦

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