Guangzhou’s Signature Xiguan Food

Xiguan is not only about its stylish unique Xiguan houses, and actually the food part is way more attractive to me. Grown up in Guangzhou, I couldn’t be more familiar with Xiguan food. And today, since Emliy and her husband is visiting Guangzhou, I decided to take them to Xiguan to have some of its most famous food.

This is Liwan Sampan Congee, a must-try congee when you visit Liwan. I’ve been having these in other restaurants in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, but as the congee has Liwan in its name, there’s every reason to say that Liwan has the most authentic version of it.

(Another congee named No.1 Scholar Congee – 状元及第粥 is really famous too!)

Of course there’re other stuff other than congee which are well-known, like water-chestnut cake(马蹄糕), pyramid dumpling, white radish and beef offal(萝卜牛杂), steamed rice rolls with shrimps, shrimp Wonton egg noodles, and I just couldn’t list them all because I couldn’t stop drooling when I’m writing this.

The other day when I was walking around the 上下九 walking street, I was looking for hidden foodie called 陈添记鱼皮 in one of the small lanes on Baohua Road, recommended by my friends and tons of newspaper reviews.  It didn’t take me too much effort though, and I definitely fell in love with its food after the first bite.

They serve only three dishes, fish skin, rice roll, and sampan congee. I personally favored the fish-skin a lot. Definitely yum!

If you are willing to search for it, itsexact address is 宝华路十五甫三巷.

And if you are a user of 新浪微博 (Chinese version of Twitter) and are craving for Xiguan Food, you might like to follow this to find out the lastest news for the Xiguan Food Fest(食在广州,味在西关-第三届西关美食节) starts from last September to this February!

An extremely helpful guide to the foodies in Xiguan area: 西关揾食图 (Xiguan food map). Not until I found this map when I’m writing this blog, had I realized I’ve only been discovered a small fraction of the whole Xiguan Area. It’s so big and I think it deserve a whole week’s visit.

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62种西关名小吃有了规范英文名 老婆饼译得最好

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