Spring Fest Gala

I’m kidding, it’s not the official one that all Chinese people watched on the Chinese New Year eve, it’s just the one held by the bank i’m working in, Guangdong Development Bank.

It’s pretty funny though, since they mixed way too many internet buzzwords like 给力 (sorry Wikipedia doesn’t even have an English translation for that), 神马, 浮云… Still, some of the skits are pretty good, one of which is a copycat of the popular match-making TV show 非诚勿扰, and they changed the title to 非雷勿扰…够雷人.

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The show got completely Chinese when all of the audiences were asked to stand up to sing 团结就是力量 (Unity is Strength) along with the performers on the stage. I was kind of shocked, but I guess this is the way Chinese company use to boost the morale.

A performance review is not my intention. I just want to express my appreciation to be invited to the show, and I was having a good night.


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