A New Guangzhou

I’d been looking forward to a trip to Zhujiang New Town to have a look at the new iconic buildings of Guangzhou for a while, and on the first day of 2011, I finally got to tour around this area with the accompany of Alice.

Right after we got off at Chi Gang metro station, we are stunned by these huge crowd lining up for getting to the top of the Canton Tower. Later that day after I came back to home, I realized from the news that that day was the first day Canton Tower was open to public. Bad timing. I’ll leave the getting-up-to-the-top project next time.

Then we walked around, took some pics with the tower, which look really ugly when you ‘admired’ it right below it. Friend said it’s like a tower consisted of a bunch of chopsticks. No comments for that.

Chi Gang tower:

Then we took a taxi to the Zhujiang New Town area, and have a look at the square.

It’s a giant flower pit with the new Guangdong Library in the background.

And, a classic view:

Just too excited to see this new Guangzhou. Thanks to being the host for the Asian Games, before which the gov. put in hundreds of millions of money to upgrade the city infrastructure. (And I’m lucky not being through the annoying process).


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