Year Summary – 2010

I’m reading my friend Fili’s blog post on his adventurous year 2010, and I think I should created a year summary for my own as well.

Being a full time student, I restrained my travelling destination during school time to only the HK area, unlike my exchange friends, but there are still some highlights of my 2010 events.

(And since I only created this blog this October, so many of the events won’t be hyper-linked. For these events, I’ll include a picture for record)

January 2010

  • I visited Cambodia with my school-mates on a service trip, in the short 8 days my life is massively impacted.
  • Hikied to Pak Sin Leng with Akash, John (Micro), Daniel, Fili and Bruce, one of the best hikes after I arrived in HK.

Feburary 2010

  • The beginning of the Spring Semester, 2010, is kind of a nightmare that I wouldn’t go into that in the future. It’s the promotion week. Sleeping for only 3 or 4 hours a day, skipped some random classes (slept in the others), having meeting right after school finished till midnight…However, the bonding between I and my nominated-cabinet-members was growing.
  • I’ve been lucky – to be invited as a helper at the premiere of the movie Hot Summer, and I got soo close to some of the most popular Chinese movie stars, Big S, Andy Lau, Angela Baby, etc…
  • My family visited me on Feb 28, and we went to the Hong Kong Wetland Park in Tin Shui Wai. It’s a good place to chill, provided that the weather is good.

March 2010

  • My film-society-committee-members and I finally gathered at a all-you-can-eat hot pot place in Hang Hau. What a harmonious family. 
  • I’ve been hearing about Hong Kong Coliseum for a while, and I finally went there to enjoy the LIVE music, featured by Eason Chan. It’s so impressive. 
  • I trained myself by playing badminton at least twice a week – because I’m playing a mainland badminton competition. My partner April Wang and I prevailed another team from Year 2 in the three or four final by 2-0, and got the second runner-up eventually, which is not too bad. 

April 2010

  • On April 1, Emily Ma and I went to Kadoorie Farm & Botanical Garden to appreciate some beautiful plants and other random animals. 
  • I finally visited Macau and spent a crazy night in the Venetian. 10 people shared a room with two queen size beds, I’m still wondering how we made it. The Ruins of the Cathedral and Magrett’s Egg Tarts leave me the best impression.
  • And, it’s a big day for all the 14 of us – we are nominated to be the executive committee of the Film Society of HKUST. April 12th, a day to be remembered.
  • My Tanzanian friend Akash and I signed up together on a hike to Fan Ling organized by Hong Kong meetup. A good hike, and definitely breath-taking view.
  • I went on a day-trip to Tung Ping Chau, an island which still listed on my favorite-islands-of-hk list. 
  • A Cambodian movie Same Same but Different brought us ‘Cambodians’ together.

May 2010

  • Instead of going back home to enjoy the 3-day holiday on Labor’s Day, I went cliff-diving in Sai Kung. And I dare say that it’s the most dangerous thing I’ve ever tried in HK, and I definitely don’t regret it. 
  • I failed to restrain myself to only study in the exam period, and went on a afternoon-trip to Cheung Chau Island to join the famous Bun Festival. Well, if you want any suggestions if you haven’t been there, I’ll say, don’t go. 

Jane 2010

  • My high-school classmate Lulu come to HK from Singapore to visit me. We had a blast in the 3-day discovery of HK. We together went to some of the places that I had been talking about for a while – the Happy Valley Racecourse, the Big Buddha, the Art Museum, and Central area, and the light show – Symphony of Light along the Victoria harbor.
  • I went to Shanghai and Hangzhou by my self immediately after going back to Guangzhou. Spending 4 days in Expo and wasting most of the time lining up in front of the pavilions, I actually did enjoy Expo a lot. 
  • Signed up for a French beginner class and a driver’s test class. They’re some of my ambitions of the summer.

July 2010

  • I went on a family trip to Taiwan, which is  6 months from now. I’m still craving for the food in the night market in Shi Lin which leave one of the best memories of Taiwan. 

August 2010

  • The whole month is all about re-unions with my high school classmates. Being with them brought back tons of memories, and catching up on each other’s happenings is lots of fun – although it’s about gossip most of the time. 
  • On the last week of this month I was in HKUST, and I’m glad that I went back early – were it not for that, I wouldn’t met the 6 UCLA guys, Adam, Bell, Lisa, and Helen, with whom I hung out most of the time of the semester, and, we are the best group ever!

September 2010

  • Finally made it to Sushi One, which I’ve been longing for for quite a while. The sushi there wasn’t first-class, but at that deal, how can it get wrong?
  • Got to hung out with my Korean mentee Shin, who is a nice guy.
  • Promotion week for HKUST societies again, but this time is a lot easier than the first one.
  • Went to the Fire Dragon Dance on mid-autumn Fest, which absolutely is a new experience for me. I’ve been watching dragon dances all the time in China, but this time, caution, because the dragon’s on fire!
  • Witnessed the power of teamwork, from the UCLA gang. They managed to get 6 free round way tickets(courtesy to Tiger Airline), by whatever means that you could not possibly imagine. 

October 2010

  • While my best friend’s are having fun in Macau, I opted to go home and spent some time with family and old friends.
  • I am an avid environmental protector, and this time, I responded to school’s call and join the event Bella Gaia in HKUST Amphitheater on Oct 19th. Violin player Kenji beautifully deliver piece of well-crafted music to us with the NASA exclusive footage on our planet – Earth -one word to summarize it – awesome. 
  • Started blogging using WordPress as platform. Later know that it couldn’t be access in mainland without the aid of some specific softwares. GFW couldn’t be more blamed.
  • Joined the school’s Entrepreneurship Day on Oct 30th.

November 2010

December 2010

  • Bet for horse-racing for his first time in Happy Valley Racecourse and lost a mere HKD 13, which is not too bad.
  • Got interested in Ultimate Frisbee and learnt some basic from Vinny Liang, an awesome player.
  • Learnt to use Photoshop and got obsessed of doing panorama.
  • When all the HKUST students were busy with their finals, my friends celebrate my 20th birthday on Dec 10th, along with Nima, the guy born on the exact same day with me.
  • Watched LIVE badminton matches of Semi-finals of 2010 HK Badminton Open Super Series with Karen Hui, another avid badminton player.
  • Hike to Hong Kong Trail #5 and Lion Rock. The latter one almost murdered me, because it’s so hard and I’m not that fit due to my laziness to work out.
  • Ate at multiple places: Mr. Wong’s, Under Bridge Crab Restaurant, Peking Duck at Jordon, Tsui Wah’s at LKF, …The second one is recommended by Anthony Bourdain – a god for men.
  • Hung out with my friends at the end of this month and got his best Christmas gift from them – a UCLA t-shirt with their names on it. They’ve gone already, but I hope the relationship I built with this guys this semester will keep growing, and I’ll definitely see this guys at some point in the future.

In all, I’ve been Cambodia, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and tons of places in HK  this year. I tried out lots of new stuffs, blogging, photoshop, new camera, new sports-frisbee and sailing, and I just can’t list all of them. In the fall semester, I hang out most of the time with ‘gang’, which firstly reasonably reduces my time with my original friends(mostly from mainland), on which I felt kind of sad; and secondly because I played too much, I didn’t get a CGA boost this semester as I expected. However I will not trade anything for this 4-month experience with these friends. Well, my original friends, I’ll be back next semester, I promise.

Talking about the resolutions of 2011 is more than my intentions.


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