Hong Kong: Australia Dairy Co. in Jordon

Energy drained from Christmas Eve, I slept all the way till almost 1 o’clock in the afternoon, and joined the Dim Sum lunch with Lilian and Ryan at the Tasteful Kitchen in Hung Hau.

After that we poked around the temple street, and managed to walked to the near-by highly-recommended foodie called Australia Dairy Co. in Jordon. The place turns out to be jammed by both locals and visitors, and it’s extremely hard to get a seat, even it was 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

With much appreciation to the recommendation of food by Lilian, we ordered the scramble-egg-sandwich and a bowl of stewed milk, which can definitely rivals the best stewed milk I’ve ever had in Yee Shun Dairy Co.

It was so crowded that immediately after you done eating the meal, they ‘force’ you away so as to let other people in. Hilarious, but you see the efficient side of Hong Kong people. 

After that, I finally got to the Jade Market which I’ve been looking for for long (courtesy to Lilian again). It’s a ground floor indoor area, with numerable individual shops that sells glittering jade goods. The craftsmanship, I think, is somewhat ghetto, but it’s a good experience stopping by.

We are still craving for food, so Lilian headed us team to Prince Edward to do the stinky tofu. It took us a long time for us to find the place, which is recommended on the 40-must-have-food-in-HK by CNN GO.

The stinky tofu is covered by cracking skin, with tender stuff inside. Definitely worth a try, and it would be perfect if it was more stinky.

We ended our trip on Mong Kok, following by another round of street food.

I met the gang who went to Stanley market the same day in the evening after they got back. It’s our last night together and basically we watched some silly but hilarious videos (mostly Japanese pranks) in the lounge before going to sleep. Bell sobbed alone in the ground floor area and spotted by Chanrith when he did the laundry. So they all dragged the mattress to Stephan’s room and had a sleepover.

Pictures will be uploaded after I got back to HK.


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