Boat Trip in Sai Kung on Christmas’s Eve

(I’m finally back to my blog, after tremendous effort, courtesy to Chinese gov. )

Dec 24, 2010

Stephan screw his ankle the day before, so he gave it a pass. Among the rest of us, Carson, Anhang, Bell, Adam and I managed to get up really early in the morning and headed to Sai Kung. I consulted my ‘travelling expert’ friend Allen before leaving and got the answer that Kiu Tau Chou is a good destination. So we rent  a boat which took us there, in around 15 minutes.

The island turns out to be a very good place to chill. A long stone-made bridge led us to a even small island and we did a easy hike to the top of is and got a fantastic view of HKUST from there.

After getting back from the Sai Kung to HKUST, we had a quick dinner and Carson, Chanrith and me went to to the Ten Thousand Buddha, finally.

In the evening, right before meeting the others, we rushed to Wan Chai Exhibition Center to join the 2010 Hong Kong Food Fest. The scene is much like a conglomeration of local food, from the cheap street food, to costly goods. We had a lot of them!!!

They had this so-called fried ice-cream, which is basically an ice-cream warped by flour and fried in oil. I’m not sure who invent this, but it’s definitely tasty!

After meeting the others, we had dinner at one of my favorite places in the LKF area, Tsui Wah’s, because we want to have a look at what the LKF would be like on Christmas Eve. Unsurprisingly, it’s crowed. We took a quick stroll around the LKF street and hastily got out to get some fresh air. Walking all the way to the Statue Square on which we encountered the biggest Christmas tree in HK.

We then took the star ferry to TST, and seeing the crazy crowd there, rather than sticking to our original plan-the Christmas Eve countdown, we took a stroll in TST area and managed to made our way to the only MTR exit opened that night before the street got too crazy around mid-night.

It’s been a long day, 7am to 12am, I deserved a long sleep.




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