The End of An Era

Today I got up early in the morning and send Adam away, wish him a happy trip in Japan.

Apart from a relaxing packing (I don’t really have much stuff to bring back home), I’ve been sitting in front of my desk, writing down my best wishes to my best friends who  are going to leave me, in about 3 hours, with tears rolling down my cheek. I realize that I won’t be able to access to this blog for at least one month, so I decide to create a summary post to mark the end of this wonderful four months with them.

Time went back to 26th August, 9 o’clock. I was sleeping on my upper bunk. The school, the hallway, my room has been very quiet since the semester hasn’t begun yet. Hearing some people talking in the hall way, and the sound of dragging the luggage. I decided to go check out.

That’s how I met Anhang, Stephan, Chanrith, Carson, Vinny and Nima.

Later on in the morning, when I headed down to LG7, I met Bell. And, the whole how-I-met-Bell thing is funny. Bell is a wonderful buddy.

At the welcoming dinner at Sweet Dynasty, I met Adam.

The second evening in the sea-front BBQ site, I met Lisa.

Afterwards in the beginning of semester, wondering about where’s Jessica’s friend from Stony Brooks for a while, I met Helen in Seafront when the guys are planning a trip to Macau.

and Bang! We became the best group ever! And I don’t bother to write it in details, because we have too many best moments that I’m going to cherish for the rest of my live.

Saying goodbye is extremely difficult for me, let alone saying goodbye to my best friends. I’ve been crying enough, I think, so that I won’t cry in front of them when they leave.

Packing done, 4 months passed, left behind is tons of memories.

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