Under Bridge Spicy Crab

LG5 Canteen failed to contain our hunger during the exam period, one possible solution – get some crabs!

Tonight, after getting destroyed by my multi-variable calculus exam (it’s not only me that think the exam is ridiculously hard), my craving for food drastically boosted. Lilian, Ryan, Lishuan, Roland, Disi and I went to a restaurant that features under bridge spicy crab in Causeway Bay.

The place is recommended by Anthony Bourdain, host of the famous show No Reservation, in on of it series featuring Hong Kong. Would that be a must try? We were about to figure that out.

Hopping off the train to Causeway Bay, we easily spotted a series of under bridge spicy crabs by the street, although we weren’t sure whether they belong to the same franchise.

Easiest way to find that out the legit restaurant- a picture of Anthony Bourdain and the restaurant’s chef:

The restaurant is famous – it took us about half an hour to get in the restaurant. We ordered two medium-sized under bridge crab, and asked for extra spicy, but it was still too spicy for me, a person from southern China. I was glad that we didn’t do the super spicy, which is the highest level.

The crab meat is absolutely tender, and I specially favored the  the ingredient as well. Too bad we didn’t took the leftover spicy ingredient back home.



There are only four franchises of Under Bridge Spicy Crab restaurant. More detailed can be found here: http://www.underspicycrab.com/


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