Mr. Wong’s @ Yau Ma Tei


To my sadness, this Cha Chann Teng had been closed for a while…

[end of update]

Lily has been talking about the Mr. Wong’s restaurant (more like a Cha Chann Teng) for a while. I looked for the name of the restaurant on openrice (a dominant searching engine for foodies in hk) but I failed, so I’ve been wondering how awesome this place really is.

Today, after the ‘devastating’ hike to Lion Rock, our craving for food got bigger than ever. Disappointed by Korean BBQ’s fearful price(HKD120), our team turned our way to Mr. Wong’s.

I finally got to meet Mr. Wong, a local guy in his 30’s with average height. He actually spoke good English and not failed to his fame among my friends, he treated us ‘expads’ with great enthusiasm. I have to say that this restaurant serves better-than-average local food.

Take a look at the pictures. I’m out of words to describe them.

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The restaurant’s official name is Le Kung (乐康) Cha Chan Tin (Canteen), better known as Mr. Wang’s. To get  there, you can take MTR to stop at either Mong Kok or Yau Ma Tei. It’s on 22 Kwong Wa Street.

If you are a non-local, Mr. Wang will help you order and you only have to pay HKD40. It’s almost like all you can eat/drink.


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