Hong Kong: Lion Rock Peak Hike

A popular song in Hong Kong originally sung by Roman Tam is named “Under the Lion Rock” (獅子山下), the song indicates the spirit of the Hong Kong people.

Residents in HK are referred to people who live under the Lion Rock. I have been wondering the reason for a while, but today I finally got to fulfilled one of my dreams – a hiking to Lion Rock Peak. (McLehose 5#)

Wikipedia tells us a little bit about the Lion Rock

Lion Rock, or less formally Lion Rock Hill, is a famous hill in Hong Kong. It is located between Kowloon Tong in Kowloon and Tai Wai in the New Territories, and is 495-metres high. The peak consists of granite covered sparsely by shrubs.

Lion Rock is famous for its shape and is visible from various places in Kowloon; its resemblance to a crouching lion is most striking from the Choi Hung and San Po Kong areas in East Kowloon.

The trail is much harder than I thought. My friend Derrek reminded me after the hike that there was actually a reminder under the sign of Lion Rock, which reads ‘for experienced hikers’.

We started our hike at Gilwill Campsite, and passed the Tate’s Cairn first – it wasn’t that hard in the beginning. There we had a glance of the stunning urban area of Sha Tin, as well as the former Kai Tak Airport (also known as Hong Kong International Airport from 1954-1998).

Then we reached the Lion Rock Country Park. A sign pointing the way says the top is just 500 metres away – but doesn’t mention that these could be the longest 500 metres you’ll ever encounter.

However, getting some close-ups with these monkeys was definitely fun. This is actually the first time that I’ve seen monkeys in Hong Kong. (I still want to do monkey trail!)

For funsies: when I tried to take a picture with the monkey above me with my hands pointing at him, he immediately made an ‘attacking face’, which scared me a lot. I thought he would jump down to my back, but luckily he didn’t.

Once we got to Lion Rock Peak, the views are breath-taking, absolutely making my sour calves worth it.

Lily, Roland, Ryan and me got lazy and tired, and we decided not to finish the whole trail. So we didn’t make it to the Beacon Hill. I’m glad we did that.


To get to Lion Rock, you need to take a MTR and stop at Choi Hung, then take a taxi to Gilwill Campsite(基维尔营地). That’s the starting point of the trail. The trail passed through Tate’s Cairn, Lion Rock Peak and ends right after the Beacon’s Hill. total length : 10.8 km.

A map for the McLehose 5# could be found here.


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Arthur says:

    Besides starting from MTR Wong Tai Sin station, are there other trails going up Lion Rock Hill? I was planning to go up Lion Rock on Kowloon and then down to Sha Tin (or Tai Wai) in the New Territories. I don’t need to go up to the Lion Head. Anyone knows of any trails that take less time and energy.


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  3. linzhengyu says:

    I have been to the peak! but since cloudy and foggy we couldn’t see such scenery…lucky you are!~

    1. Michael Xu says:

      I am officially dead after that hike….
      haha it’s still kinda cloudy though, I am trying to make a panorama now..

    2. Michael Xu says:


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