Semi-finals of HK Open – Badminton Super Series 2010

On Saturday morning Karen and I both got up at 7.30am, not to attend the exams on Saturday morning, but to study, because we are going to watch Hong Kong badminton open! We weren’t able to book the tickets for the finals, because we realized this a little bit too late that all the tickets for finals were sold out. So we ended up buying the tickets for one of the semi-final.

At around 12pm we reached Causeway Bay, and found a good place called Duo Duo restaurant, which serves very good bbq-items, definitely much better than the ones in LG7. The BBQ pork is beyond words, and the crispy roasted pork is very tender.

After the greedily devouring the mouthwatering meat in half an hour, we rushed to the stadium (Elizabeth Stadium, easy to find) and caught up with the first game of women’s single between Russian and Taiwan girls.

The stadium is bigger than I’ve expected. The crowd in the stadium is a conglomeration of people from different countries, and different ages. Our seats, located on the second floor of the  are nearly perfect. It’s my first time I’ve been to such a live sport event, because I usually just turn to the TV broadcast. And watching a live game is much more excited, and it requires you to be more focus because you could easily miss a great moment without the ‘rewinding’.

Followed by the women’s double, an exciting mixed match between China and Denmark ensued. I’ve seen Yu Yang in Olympic, but she didn’t seem to perform the most of her in the game.

The six seeded Denmark duo prevailed by 16-21, 21-18, 21-19. Pedersen-Fischer got very excited and tossed their rackets to the audience ( I still don’t understand why both of them toss their rackets to the exact same direction). Too bad, they should’ve tossed their rackets to us.

Join me to watch the final moments of this game:

Later on top seeded Lee Chong Wei easily down the game against six seeded Vietnamese player Tien Nguyen by 21-14, 21-17 in 36 minutes.

Men’s double is always my favorite because of it fast speed. In the last game, Asian Games men’s doubles gold medallists Markis Kido-Hendra Setiawan of Indonesia beat the newly-crowned China Open champions Lee Yong-dae-Jung Jae-sung of South Korea by 21-19 and 23-21.

Watch the final few duels with me:

Have a glance at the jumbotron and have a sense of how intense the match got towards the end:

We ended the day by purchasing a few YY sports shirts, strolling around Causeway Bay area and having some frozen yoghourt at Crumbs. Yes, what an epic day it was.


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