Hong Kong: Hong Kong Trail Section 5 Hike

Yes, I admit that I’ve been lazy for a long time, that I could barely catch my breath in today’s hiking to the 5th section of Hong Kong Trail with my friends, Adam, Lisa, Helen, Stephan, Chanrith and Nima.

The trail is only 4 kilometers, shortest in terms of distance among all the sections of Hong Kong Trail, but Wikipedia gave it a rank 3-star in terms of difficulty, the highest-possible level of difficulty that you may expect.

We reached Causeway Bay MTR station at around 12pm and split up to get into two cabs to get to Wong Nai Chung Reservoir. There’s a little bit of drama happening there – since there are couple of entrance points of the trail, we ended up getting off the cab at different place. I was with Lisa and Nima, and it almost took us 10 minutes to figure out there the other group were. So, we hopped down the road, and spotted Adam’s group and decided to give them a little bit of surprise.

After gathering with the other group, we embarked our hiking trip immediately.

At the Jardine’s Lookout,  the peak between Hung Nai Chung Reservoir and Mount Butler, we got the best view of the central area ever, where we could see the IFC II and Ritz-Carlton Hotel easily, and it would be more perfect if the weather is better.

After conquering the first peak, the trail didn’t seem to give us much break, and another stiff hiking began.

On the fence there’s a sign that reads ‘Explosions take place in the quarry area, do not enter’, and we immediately related this with the name of Quarry Bay, and figured out what are the buildings opposite the fence. ( We thought they are prisons at first)

This part of the trail is extremely steep and thus tiring. Thanks for the laziness I’ve been building up for at least two weeks, I could barely catch my breath. So, a lot of breaks ensued:

We then found a grotto and couldn’t help wonder what’s inside. Lisa, Stephan and Nima adventured inside, but apparently we failed to figure out what the grotto is used for, and I believe that it’s blocked for a reason.

We then hiked all our way to the peak of Mount Butler, and wait, is it Jesus?

And, we even see the Dragon’s Back that we hiked almost two months ago.

Not long after, we finally finished our hiking and I felt so released.

Lisa, Nima, Chanrith and I decided to go to Tequila Jack’s again, while the others went directly back home. This was the third time I’ve been to this place actually, but this time is for the HKD88 10 oz steak.


1. A little bit about Hong Kong Trail on Wikipedia

2. Digital maps that could be helpful if you are looking for any hiking trails in Hong Kong


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