Horse-racing in Happy Valley

My memory for the first time I went to Happy Valley was still fresh, that was exactly 6 months ago, with Lulu who visited me from Singapore. Lulu and I didn’t bet that night, the only thing we did was getting around the area and eat a lot of kebabs. And tonight, I went there for the second time, and finally know how to bet, except that I made HKD 68.5 out of the first two games, and lost HKD80 in the last game,  giving me a total -HKD11.5 revenue. But the fun I gained from the betting and hanging out with my best friends made that 11.5 dollars definitely worth it.

We were pretty confused on how to bet at first, so we asked the staff working there, and studied together which horses to bet on.

This is the first horse-racing game I’ve bet on, and I won. I chose the right horse both in terms of Win and Place(meaning that the horse I chose won the first place). But because I put in too little money, so I just won HKD30 back. (pay-off rate of that winning horse was too low in that game)

Then I bet the second game, ending up earning 70HKD.

At this moment my total P&L is +HKD68.5, so I decided to ‘play big’ in the final game.

Bang…I lost HKD80 in that single game. So, at least one lesson that I learnt from that – don’t trust the horse-info-handout too much.

We met the others in the group after the races, and turns out Nima was the only person who earned money, and he earned much – HKD120.

Group photo I stole from Stephan's blog
We bet the same in the final game, and this was the sad face we wore after losing the money

After that, we poked around CWB and get some bubble tea and grabbed a little bit of street food before hopping on the MTR back to UST.


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