Award Ceremony – Student Ambassador

I’ve been a student ambassador for physics department for a year, during half of which I acted as a coordinator. Although I’m not a physics student any more, Prof. Michael Wong still invited me back to the Physics Award Ceremony – to give a presentation on my experience to 200+ physic students. It’s such a honor to speak to such a big group of audiences, and I was definitely nervous.

Facing 200+ students is definitely my first time

But I got better later, and finished the presentation quite smoothly. I’d like to express my appreciation to my fellow student ambassadors last semester, Yuki Hong, Micro Cheung, Chan Ping Lung, Victor Tse, who are either graduated or studying abroad at the moment so that they couldn’t make it back to HKUST to receive the award.

I was presented the certificate by Prof. Leung:

I kept wondering why there’s no such a program in math department. Shamed.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sophie says:

    That’s great, Michael! Maybe you can be a MAEC ambassador next time? XD

    1. Michael Xu says:

      thanks Sophie 😀 i kept wondering, why there’s no such a program in math department? haah sucks, maybe i’ll choose to be the ambassador of the school yay
      how’s everything going with you! what’s your news?

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