Thanksgiving Dinner

Today I had my first thanksgiving dinner with a bunch of friends with multiple nationalities, many of whom hadn’t have thanksgiving dinner like me as well. It was a great experience, and an absolutely night of fun, all you need is some nice friends, tasty turkey, desert plus May’s dancing solo and UT guys’ skit about the origin of thanksgiving.

A nice gift from Jenny

So, the dinner began  following Li-shuan’s toast, watch this moment with me:

This is my first time eating thanksgiving dinner, but I know how to eat, courtesy to Derrek.

Courtesy to Derrek's advice on food and much appreciation to Pam's nice handing-writing.

Everybody buried themselves into the food immediately. And, we have loads with booze.

We even have pumpkin cheese cake and walnut pie as desserts. It couldn’t be more lovely!

lovely desserts

May Zhan, convinced by Jack, gave us a dance solo, pushing the dinner to a climax, making it much more entertaining. I couldn’t enjoy it more.

Right after May’s show, guys from UT performed a elegantly-designed skit, basically about the origin of thanksgiving. Enjoy the moment with me:

(my camera’s battery died right before the drama ends, it sucks. But, we didn’t missed much)

Some of us stayed when the whole thing ended and had some nice time playing Texas Hold’em. It’s also my first time playing it with chips, and I ended up won just one hand and lost all of my chips. Have to practice more 😀


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