Social Network and Pizza Hut voucher

I know, you may get confused about the title, because Pizza Hut voucher doesn’t really have anything to do with the movie Social Network. But that’s what Nima and I did in a cozy afternoon on Sunday.

Social Network, the movie that I’ve been longing for long, finally arrived in HK on Thursday, which hit the US cinema more than a month ago. My friends Minnie and Maria went to the premiere on Thursday, and told me the cinema isn’t really that filled. Knowing that the movie is not hot in HK gives me a peace of mind. So today, we went directly to the cinema without booking before hand.

Apart from my friend’s recommendation of the movie, another incentive of watching it is I’ve got free tickets 3 month ago, and the voucher is expiring at the end of the month. There’s actually a funny story of the voucher. It says ‘you can get movie tickets 乙张’, and I thought ‘乙张’ means two tickets. Yeah, I know you are laughing at me, if you know Chinese. The stuff in the cinema points out that 乙张 means one ticket. I was still puzzled when I got back home, so I googled it.

As it turns out, Wikipedia tells us this,


(meaning that the character “乙” has been used as a substitute of “一” for a long time, since “一” is easy to be falsified.)

Yeah, besides the inspiring story I learnt from the movie, this is another lesson I learnt.

The Christmas themed decoration in Telford Plaza.

Before the movie, when we poked around the Telford Plaza in Kowloon Bay, we spotted a franchise of Pizza Hut, which reminded me of an unused voucher which will expired soon as well. The voucher was for the ‘lover’s set meal’, so, we ignored that and turned it into a brother’s set meal. I know it’s funny.

A picture in the Pizza Hut.

According to Nima, the interior design of Pizza Hut in America is shitty, and the restaurants are meant for poor people.

nice and cozy design of Pizza Hut in Telford Plaza

A nice day with my ‘twin’ brother Nima. And we are looking forward to our challenge of finishing the 24’s pizza on our birthday. I need some practice for that.


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