Taco at Tequila Jack’s and Nathalie’s Birthday

Tonight is such a blast. I had Mexican food for the first time (well, the KFC Taco certainly doesn’t count) at one of the bars in TST (Hart Ave), one of the areas in TST that I haven’t been discovered. The place is definitely nice, we sat outside because there were too much people in the bar.

Tequila Jack’s, a nice bar serving Mexican food
The place is filled with nice cars. Not hard to spot a Bentley like this.

The bar has a special price for its Taco on Tuesday  – 9.99 HKD for one – what a good deal. Each of us ate at least 3 tacos. I greedily poured the Tabasco sauce onto one of my beef tacos, and accidentally I poured too much — Oh it’s so hot. I suddenly realize that on the burger eating competing which we ran into in LKF during the weekend, the girl competitors had to eat burger filled with the WHOLE bottle of Tabasco. They must have suffered a lot.

Later on Mark and Shuan Chen ordered Fajitas. Really nice, you just have to pay twice of the price of a beef taco, but it’s definitely worth it.

Downing 4 tacos with a descent Brooklyn beer, I leaned back to the seat with great satisfaction and a little bit of food coma.

Then the bunch of us headed back to UST, and met the others in the common room of Hall 1. Lily and Ryan rushed back with two nicely-decorated cakes, and Stephen cried ‘ two minutes left!’ . Suddenly all of us hid ourselves behind the door and the coach.

All of above is for a surprise birthday party for Nathalie.

Watch the moment again with me:

joyeux anniversaire à Nathalie

And, here comes the lovely group photo.

Happy Happy Birthday to Nathalie!

It’s a good night.

BTW, Tequila Jack’s another special price is 88HKD for a 10 oz ribs on Saturday. I’m going to come back.


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