Shake’em Buns and Lan Kwai Fong Street Carnival

On Saturday we went to Shake’em Buns in LKF area. I passed by this small burger place months before and was impressed by its cozy interior designs. I paid 104 HKD for a burger and along with French Fries, the most expensive burger meal I’ve ever had. Devouring a giant beef burger, I had a little bit of food coma afterwards.

Later on we went for the street carnival of LKF. I missed the carnival last year, so there’s no reason to miss it again.

A little bit about 2010 Lan Kwai Fong Street Carnival

Lan Kwai Fong Carnival 2010, the biggest fete in town is approaching! From 13th to 14th Novemb

er, delicacies and drinks from all around the world, festive booths, live shows and performances will rock everybody from minute to minute.

Over 80 stalls not limited to fine food and drinks, an area dedicated to artistic handicrafts and accessories. Street and live performers coming from all around the world: Sichuan acrobats, Brazilian dancers, African drummers and many others. Performers in exotic costumes will parade on the streets through out the day. All day long competitions and interactive games will groove you from head to toe. Come get yourself overwhelmed by the most global exposure of all in Hong Kong.

Lots of people were wearing masks, and some of them wore the whole costume. We ran into Stromtropper, Princess Lisa, Iron Man, Bat women, etc.

Spotted: Iron Man

The time we arrived at the fest was a little bit too late, and missed almost all the performances. But luckily we were able to catch up with the last event of the day – Burger Eating Competition. 4 Women with diverse nationalities, competed on the stage, downing the burgers covered with Tabasco spicy juice, in a hope to win the prize. Girl from Hong Kong, Tanzania, US tried hard, but not enough to beat the Australian one.

Watch the competition with me:

(At the beginning of the video, some guys were pouring bottles of Tabasco onto the burger, one of the surprises announced by the host. At 2’15”, we chanted ‘USA’ for the girl from the states. Apparently she didn’t lived up to our passions. haha)

As we poked around the carnival, we found a Toys ‘R’ Us special. It featured a lot of toys and even a children air-filled playground. The carnival’s children-friendliness is really beyond my imagination.

Stephan’s trying to figured out the puzzle

And, towards the end of our wander, a funny scene, friendly fight,  —

A gentle fight between a clown on stilts and Stormtrooper

More about the Carnival


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  1. Shelley says:

    Your life is always full of excitement! Your blogs are really great combined with vivid photos. Look forward to hearing more from you about your fantastic life!

    1. Michael Xu says:

      哈哈谢谢夸奖!!我们好久都没有联系啦!!!seriously we need a long long dinner because I have sooo much to catch up with you!!! fancy a lunch tomorrow? around 2ish in the afternoon?

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