Butterfly Effect: East-West Percussive Parade

In the afternoon Stephan and I went to this concert called Butterfly Effect: East – West Percussive Parade. The concert is featured by Budgie, British born Western Drum Kit player; Leonard Eto, Japanese Taiko Player; Mabi, African Drums player; Sugizo, Japanese Butterfly-wing Guitar & Violin performer and Know Chandler, Guitar performer.

A little bit about the concert:

If the flap of a butterfly’s wings could have a ripple effect on global events, think of the far-reaching implications when drummers’ arms take the place of such wings!

The Butterfly Effect: East-West Percussive Parade is a vibrant and intuitive drumming extravaganza, featuring Western kit, Japanese taiko and African drums, that will launch the musicians into a new sonic galaxy!

The inspiration for bringing together master drummers from different countries for this invigorating show came from Budgie, the innovative drummer with internationally acclaimed British groups The Slits, Siouxsie And The Banshees, and The Creatures, and a musician renowned for his eclectic style.

Alongside him is Japan’s taiko master Leonard Eto, who joined the Japanese taiko group Kodo in 1984, serving as principal player and music director before pursuing a solo career in 1992. Eto collaborated with Budgie on The Creatures’ 2003 album Hai! and performed on the subsequent “Dreamshow” tour in 2004.

The third drummer, Mabi, is one of South Africa’s most venerable jazz and fusion musicians. Mabi, also known for making his own drums, has performed globally since the 1970s, with a Miles Davis encounter in San Francisco making a lasting impact on his music.

Stephan, best buddy ever!

I was illegally taking videos all the time (by covering the screen of my camera with octopus card), but after watching the videos at home, I realized when covering the screen, I probably also blocked the microphone, so the sound is very annoying. Thus I don’t bother to post any videos.

Taiko player Leonard Eto, from Tokyo, is my favorite performer of the show. His superb skills in Taiko, including flipping his arms between two sides of the drum in an amazing speed, really grabs my heart. I didn’t know playing Taiko can be that masculine and in the mean time, elegant. FYI, Leonard’s musical creations have been featured in many Hollywood films such as The Lion King, JFK, The Hunted, and so on.

Mabi, the African Drums player, is a funny guy. After Leonard’s Taiko solo performance, which earns him a big round of applause, Mabi got ‘upset’. He then did couple of African Drum tricks to defend himself and ‘provoke’ Leonard, except that’s he did it in a funny way. I also like his African dance, really entertaining.

I don’t really like the part when the guitar & violin player entered the stage. They made the music a little bit too noisy for me, and sometimes I didn’t quite follow the mood of the music. Except from that, the 2-hour long Percussive Parade is AWESOME.

Finally, a group picture:

Happy Birthday to Kaichun!

Know more about the concert:



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