Hong Kong: Dragon’s Back Hike

On Sunday, after the 12-hour-long overnight hiking in Lantau Island, I did another hiking to Dragon’s Back, which is really great and unforgetable. All you need is just some amazing friends and a good weather.

We reached Shau Kei Wan MTR station at 1:30 pm, and headed for Tou Dei Wan (土地湾), the starting point of the trail.

The trail is easy, no wonder people rated 2.0/5.0 on the Hong Kong Hiking Meetup page. Since we hoped to reach the beach – Big Wave Bay before the sun sets, we almost rushed to the top.

Can you imagine how wealthy one has to be to own a villa on that island?
golf courts on the island — rich people’s resort.

In the middle of hiking, we spotted some people doing paragliding.

awesome, and I would definitely want to give it a shot in the future.

I even took a video of a guy preparing and taking off. Take a look:

Another one:

Right at the moment, we stopped too many time for pictures, ‘wasted’ too much time watching the paragliding, so we harried up, and almost sprinted on the road, in a hope to get to the beach in time.

running competition between half-naked Mark and Ryan who was wearing flip-flops. CRAZY

Finally, after another 1 hour crossing the trail, we reached big wave bay. The bay deserved it’s name, and apparently some of us just ignored the sign which warns people the huge waves. When I say somebody, I mean me. haha

Jumping pictures is a must on the beach, 5 of us tried the ‘flying Buddha pose’ for ages, but none of us can synchronize our movements. So we ended up letting Karen doing the pose alone, and the others doing the ‘awesome pose’.

In the evening Derek joined us after finished his rock-climbing. We had dinner at a fish-ball noodle place, and the food was yummy. The day ends by we celebrating Ashley’s birthday. Happy birthday to my dear buddy!

Happi Happi birthday to Ashley!

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